Herbal teas are one of the most drunk beverages in the world with 400 billion cups per year! Do you want to know herbal teas benefits and the best way to prepare a special tisane? So…Read the article below!

Herbal teas benefits.

Besides being pleasant, they can give a hand to the organism and can be the answer to your small daily ailments. In addition to plants that have healing virtues, herbal teas are composed of 90% of water, so they are a valid help for those who are following a diet. They do not contain caffeine, so they can be drunk throughout the day and are often a great ally for those who can not drink the 2 liters of water recommended per day.

Drinking herbal teas is the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of plants. You can consume them for the pleasure of enjoying them, to relax but also to share a moment with friends or with your husband the night before going to bed.

The art of making an excellent herbal tea recipe.

Preparing a herbal tea is not complicated and is affordable for everyone, but preparing an excellent herbal tea recipe is an art! The most important thing is to know how to use the right ingredients and the tools of the trade.

You need a kettle, a teapot, a strainer or a ball infuser and a cup! Never use metal to make an herbal tea! Tap water is fine if it does not contain too much limestone. If you prefer mineral water, choose a mineral-poor water with a neutral pH (around 7%).

Do not prepare the herbal tea too early and throw it away if you have not consumed it within 24 hours, unless the recipe specifies that you can keep it.

Respect both the dosage, the infusion times, and the duration of the treatment that you find written on the package or that told you the phytotherapy. If the infusion times range from 3 to 10 minutes, start with 3 minutes and, if the flavor does not seem too harsh, increase the infusion time. Remember: never increase the doses thinking of greater effectiveness of the plant, do not forget that plants are also called drugs!

Supermarket or herbalist’s shop?

The quality of the product you buy is of fundamental importance. What to think of the tea bags you find at the supermarket? If you don’t have time to go to the herbalist’s, then a green tea bag is fine. If you can, just get it from a health-food store. It is obvious that going to the herbalist’s shop and buying the plant in bulk is much better, because in this way you can prepare natural herbal teas.

Plant conservation.

Dry plants are kept away from light and heat. The best way to take advantage of herbal teas benefits is to buy them in bulk and leave them in the original envelope. So, when you arrive home, keep them in an airtight box, such as a glass container. Remember: after some time plants lose their active ingredients and especially their aroma and perfume, so if you decide to start drinking herbal teas again, try to remember if the green tea you have in the pantry dates back to 2 years ago and, if the answer is yes, throw it away and go back to the herbal shop!

Sugar or no sugar?!

Another piece of advice to make the most of herbal teas benefits? It is useless to drink 2 cups of green tea a day to fat loss if in each cup you put 2 tablespoons of sugar to sweeten! If the sour taste of a plant bothers you, you can use a spoonful of honey that is definitely less caloric than sugar and is the natural sweetener ideal for herbal teas. It also has soothing properties and thanks to its active ingredients calms heartburn. If you find the herbal tea too sour and can’t drink it, increase the amount of water and keep the same amount of plants.

Conditions of use and advice.

If you are suffering from a chronic infection or if you are taking medication, the opinion of your doctor is very important. Ask him/her if these plants can interfere with the medicines you take.

If you are pregnant, be very careful because some plants might bother the fetus.


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