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ProLon® is the healthiest 5-day fasting diet for a powerful and vital well-being. Take advantage of all benefits of fasting, while still eating good food.

Scientific research

ProLon uses an accurate method that has been scientifically tested for over 20 years to provide nutrition that won't break your fast. All micro and macro nutrients have been carefully measured to achieve the best results.

Organic and plant based nutrition

ProLon is lactose free, gluten free and uses mostly plant based ingredients such as olives, vegetables, fruits, nuts and more.


The vast majority of the profits go back into scientific research to keep innovating.

"I have been following ProLon for years. I think it is a beautiful scientifically proven treatment where you can experience the benefits of fasting"

Vivian Reijs, hormoonexpert

How does it work?

ProLon meals come in five ready to prepare boxes that have been carefully tailored to your needs. Save time and get all delicious meals delivered at home quickly, easily and for free.

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The ProLon 5-day fast is designed to provide the body with just enough macro and micro nutrients to go into a fasting state, while still nourishing the body.

Congratulations, you chose to care for yourself!

Only one cycle of the diet will cause rejuvenation of your body because your body will reset while breaking down old and damages cells.

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Prolon is the wake up call in selfcare for everyone.

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