ProLon® 5-Day

ProLon® is the healthiest 5-day fasting diet for a powerful and vital well-being. During this 5-day fasting diet you will benefit from all the advantages of fasting while you can keep eating. The diet contains organic and plant based food and is medically and scientifically developed. Just one cycle of the diet already provides a rejuvenation of your body because your body gets a reset and old and damaged cells are cleaned.


The actual price of your 5-day cure is on average €119.

One person spends an average of €80 in 5 days in the supermarket. Save that € 80,- supermarket food and experience boosting your health by ordering the ProLon® 5-day fast.

Your ProLon product is a handy box containing everything you need to complete the 5-day fast:

– The box contains five prepackaged smaller boxes, one for each day. These are labeled per day so you know exactly what to eat each day.

– ProLon has two different flavor variations for you to choose from. An example of what you receive per day can be found here.

– Each kit always includes: L-Bar (two flavors: nut based and chocolate crisp), olives, kale crackers, tea (spearmint, hibiscus), L-Drink and supplements.

Choose your favorite ProLon flavor

You can choose between two flavors. Choose your favorite ProLon box!

Original box

In this box you will find the original soups: minestrone, minestrone with quinoa, vegetable, mushroom and tomato.

New flavors box

This box contains the new soup flavors: butternut squash, butternut squash with quinoa, tomato, white beans and spinach with black beans.

In both boxes you will find our L-Bars, L-Drinks, tea, supplements and all the snacks you are used to.

Order before 16:00 on a working day and receive your ProLon order the next working day if you live in the Netherlands. Orders for Belgium and Luxembourg usually take one (sometimes two) days longer.

Free shipping above €50,-. If your order is under €50, we charge a fixed fee of €7,25 shipping costs per order, regardless of where you live.

Benefits of the ProLon® 5-day fasting diet


The 5-day fasting diet activates the natural process of cleaning and rejuvenation of your cells (autophagy).

Lowers bio markers

It helps with lowering bio markers such as insuline, glucose, blood pressure, leptine (hunger hormone) and cholesterol.

Weight loss

ProLon contributes to decreasing body fat, resulting in a slimmer waist line.

Increase performance

Improve your mental clarity, focus and get more energy

Kickstart healthy habits

Change your relationship with food, decrease your hunger en gain better portion control.

How to use ProLon

The ProLon box contains several smaller boxes. You get one box per day. The ingredients in this box are carefully measured and packaged. Eat the contents of the right box on the right day and do not eat anything extra for optimal results. So do not take products with you to the next day. Furthermore, you should not drink alcohol or coffee during the diet.

It is not recommended to exercise while taking ProLon. This is because ProLon is a low-calorie diet and you are not consuming enough calories to burn. Exercising is important. That is why light intensive sports such as short walks are allowed.

All about how to use ProLon
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