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ProLon® 5-Day


ProLon® 5-day fasting diet is a plant-based, low-calorie and scientifically supported five-day fasting diet. The diet is a combination of macro nutrients (fats, carbohydrates and protein) and micro nutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) that have been carefully formulated based on 20 years of research to experience the best effects of fasting, while still being sufficiently nourished.

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1-Day ReSet


ProLon 1-day ReSet is the nutritional kit that puts your body in a fasting state. Fasting for 24 hours gives your body time to reset and recharge. It gives your body a break from mindless eating and allows it to recover through active fasting. Based on the Fasting Mimicking Technology™.

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ProLon® Fasting Bar - Box of 12


ProLon® Fasting Bar has been clinically tested, is loaded with flavour and packed with healthy nutrients to satisfy food cravings. Have an Intermittent Fasting Bar in the morning to help or extend your overnight fast* or anytime during the day to help curb your hunger.

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